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Publisher APK GURU
Genre Communication
Size 55.8 MB
Latest Version v19.53.1
Required 4.4+
MOD Free
Developer WhatsApp LLC (Facebook)
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Update 22 hours ago
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GBWhatsApp APK

We all are aware of the fact that social media has become the best mode to connect people. People chat, talk, and even see their loved ones who are miles away from them using social media. For this purpose, numerous social media platform has been developed. Among them, GBWhatsApp APK is on the top-rated list. It is not wrong to say that nine out of ten people are using WhatsApp today. Some people use it for socialization, some for connecting with their beloved, and others for their business purposes.

Whatever the purpose behind using it, this platform has always been reliable to its users. As the users of any application demand modified versions of that app with time, the developers make efforts to meet those demands. Similarly, the creators of WhatsApp have built other versions of it too such as GB WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, etc. So here we are with in-depth information about GBWhatsApp Apk Download Anti-Ban Official.

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If you didn’t use it, then you should try it now. Don’t worry about the process to download and install the app on your device. I will guide you about the downloading and installing process.


Download GBWhatsApp APK

GBWhatsApp APK Download

GBWhatsApp APK is a more enhanced and advanced version with outstanding features for Android users. People may use this version to socialize or do business in more privacy without needing to pay any payment. This program has become more demanding due to fascinating features such as double accounts, masking seen tick, reading deleted messages, no crashing issues, and many more. It is wonderful to know that you do not have to delete the original Fouad WhatsApp to download the GB version. We will go over the features of this great platform.

GBWhatsapp APK File Details

Features of GB WhatsApp

GBWhatsApp apk latest version is embedded with lots of astonishing features to amaze its users. No doubt, its ravishing features are the reason for its popularity worldwide. Now we will go through these features.

DND feature

When you are working or using some other application, then you want to be distracted by Whatsapp notifications. So by enabling the DND feature, your net connection will be disabled for GBWhatsApp and you won’t get irritated by messages anymore.

Clear chat

The feature of filter messages offers the chance to clean conversation and filter your texts.

Send a great number of photos

This version has removed the restriction of sending only 30 photos at a time. Now you can save your energy and time by sending up to 90 photos at once.

Send video and audio clips

The limiting capacity of MBs to share audio or video has been improved too. Now you are allowed to share the audio clip of 100 MB and video clip comprising 50 MBs with anyone. Share the funny, emotional, relatable, or any kind of video or audio to others and make them feel as you feel without any concern.


You can edit photos by applying distinctive effects to your images before sending them. This will make your images look appealing. These different effects will lead your image to look bright or black or bluish etc. 


Human nature demands something new after some time. People are fed up with the same thing after using it for so long. Therefore there is no restriction to sticking to a single theme for a lifetime. You can opt for the theme of your own choice and can change at any time with another one.

Send location

No matter where you are, you can send your live location to anyone. This feature assists so in a variety of ways if your friend or anyone wants to meet you and he/she does not know the address, they would still meet you by using the location you have shared with them.

Download the status

Most of the time it happens that you love others' status and you also wish to have that with you. Sometimes you ask them to send that status to you while sometimes you hesitate to ask. Now, this issue has been resolved because you can download that status without letting them aware of it.

Copy other’s status

Many people upload status in written form. When you love that status, you start writing it too. This becomes irritating sometimes. For this purpose, the GB version has been launched providing you the ability to that status immediately so that you do not have to write it by yourself. Time preserves time for you. 

Choose all the chats

There is a barrier to sending a certain thing up to limited chats in the original version. This barrier will not bother you anymore in this version because you can share your things with all of those chats appearing on the home screen of your GBWhatsApp. 

Media visibility

If you do not want to see the media, sent by certain contacts, in your gallery then you can set the settings of media visibility. With this feature, you can pick out the groups and contacts whose sent media can be viewed in the gallery. While the media of others will stay in your chat box until you delete it.

Read deleted text

This in-built feature permits the users to view and read those messages which have been deleted by the sender. In this way, you will be no more in suspense about what has been sent and deleted by another person.

Choose language

It is an undeniable fact that language issues may become a restriction or hurdle for users while using any application. As we say that WhatsApp is a platform that can be used by anyone from anywhere, which means that a language option has been inserted. No matter which country you are from, you can pick out the language you are compatible with and start chatting.

“Recording” status

You will have the option to control the recording status. If you hide this status then the other will not be able to know that you are recording your voice or recording screen. This is totally under your control whether you want them to know about it or not.

Media quality

The image or video you will send to others will comprise the best quality. Whether you send or receive, your media will appear with high resolution so you view it clean and clear.

Hide double tick

Enabling this functionality will restrict others to know that you have received a message. This feature will let them see only a single tick even if your data is ON and the message has been delivered to you. This is a boosted privacy feature that is not provided by the original version.  

Hide “online”

No matter which country you are from, you can pick out the language you are compatible with and start chatting. This feature is particularly for those users who are always surrounded by silent stalkers. You can mask your online status and use this app for hours without needing to worry. 

Notification about other’s “online”

Whenever any of the users in your contact list comes online, you will be notified about it.

Chat lock

If you have private discussions that you would not want anyone to read then you may secure them using a password, passcode, PIN, or fingerprint lock in WAGB. Even if someone has complete access to your phone, it adds another degree of protection to your Chats. When they try to read your messages, a PIN or Password will pop up on the screen.

Hide read ticks

This feature makes you able to read a message and another person won't get to know about this. This advanced feature is exceptional and useful like sometimes you are busy and cannot reply on time. The other person gets angry with you about viewing the text but not replying immediately. This feature will preserve you from that rush too.

“Typing” status

The official WhatsApp does not provide the option to hide when you are typing and when you are not. If you want to type without informing others, then it is the best feature.

Multiple fonts

A variety of fonts have been inserted in this version so the users can choose the typing style of their choice. Multiple fonts are given because everyone has their taste and style. Some people want to write that look unique to others, so they use this function frequently.

Variety of stickers, emojis, and gifs

Hundreds of emojis, stickers, and gifs are there so you can show your exact expressions to others. Smiling, crying, angry, cheering, hoping fingers, laughing, hearts, flags, kitchen accessories, dresses, shoes, and almost everything is there in the form of emojis. You can now use customized stickers with text written on them.

Other mini features


  • Advertisement free
  • Anti-ban
  • Free of cost 
  •  Fixation of bug


There are certain requirements to use all the ravishing features of this platform. Take a look at them carefully.

  • Connection to the internet is mandatory.
  • You must allow its access to the gallery.
  • You have to permit its access to contacts.
  • You need to allow it to gain access to the microphone.
  • Allow access to the camera too.
  • You have to allow them access to the location of your phone.
  • Device identity is necessary.
  • Access to external storage must be allowed.

Comparison of Whatsapp VS GBWhatsApp

There are so many differences between the original and GB versions. GB version has come with boosted functionalities which are mentioned in the table below; 




Change theme



Number of accounts


More than one 

Copy other’s status



View deleted texts



Number of characters of status

Nearly 139 

Nearly 255 

Send photos


Up to 90

Download status



Lock chat



Hide dual ticks



Hide typing



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How To Download GBWhatsApp 2023?

Do not panic if you do not know how to download and install the GB version. We will simplify things for you below in understandable terms so you can follow along and install your platform immediately. Follow the guidelines step-wise.

GBWhatsApp for android

Step # 1: Downloading the "APK file" is the first and most significant step to do.

Note: (To download apk file is necessary because you cannot gain access to your required application without this file.)

Step # 2: When your apk file has been downloaded, you must go towards the Settings of your smartphone and open it.

Step # 3: After opening the settings, you must have to allow them access to external sources by tapping on "unknown sources."


Step # 4: After unknown sources have been enabled, go back and open your downloaded apk file.

Step # 5: After you open that file, you will see an option of “install” below. Tap on that and wait till it is done.


Step # 6: After installation, open the app and create your account and start using it.

GBWhatsApp For iPhone

This app is not only for android users but also for iPhone users to enjoy its unique features. But certain people worry about the downloading procedure on their iPhones. Follow the below-mentioned steps, it is rather easy.

1st step: Search for GBWhatsapp iOS from your browser.

2nd step: When you get it, click on “download” so that you can gain access to it.

3rd step: after it has been downloaded, approach it and open it.

4th step: After opening, click on the button "install" and wait for its completion.

5th step: When the installation is finished, launch this application.

6th step: Enter your account and fulfill all requirements to start using.

Where To Get And Set Up GBWhatsApp?

If you have been seeking to obtain this tool and start using it, you are probably looking for a safe and trustworthy place to do so. This typically implies that you will be looking for an apk file to run the mod version on your Smartphone.

Right here Apkguru.net You can access GBWhatsApp now; 

Privacy Policy

  • Like everything discussed earlier, if you download this GBWhatsapp social media platform, you will be capable of handling your privacy preferences. You will control all those privacy features by yourself according to your convenience. People have intensely appreciated these settings because it resulted beneficial for them in several aspects. These privacy options include;

    • Scheduling of Texts
    • Recording status
    • “Online” status
    • “Typing” status
    • Double ticks and blue ticks

    GbWhatsapp 2023 New Amazing Features 

The Way To Update And Install GBWhatsApp

Now we are at the level where we have discussed obtaining apk file. This is the time for the next stage in which we will explain to you all the points about installing this apk in your android and getting it to function efficiently. Note: You do not need to go to the play store to update or install it.

Step 1: Change the settings

Move towards the settings of your phone and change the settings. Changing the settings means allowing unknown sources to gain access to your device.

  • Open the settings.
  • Then tap on the “security” option.
  • Then tap on “unknown sources” to enable them.

Step 2: Install the application

Now time to install your application. For this purpose, open the apk file that you have downloaded. After opening the file, install the app by clicking on the "install" option.

Step 3: Create an account

Wait until the installation procedure is completed. Then open the app, give entry of your name and satisfy other requirements and use.

What Platform Is This App Available For?

This app supports apk files and iOS files, implying that only android users and iPhone users can download and use it. The downloading procedures for both are given above for your ease.

  • Andriod
  • iOS

Completely Personalize Themes

The ability to customize the theme and appearance is perhaps the most appealing of the boosted features of the new version. This feature can be applied to any section of the WhatsApp application from the "menu" to the "chat display." With the GB, you will be able to create an elegant look that provides the most delightful experience of using it. So change your theme according to your desire and feel fresh.

Send Out Big Files

One of the major limitations of using WhatsApp is the inability to exchange documents with larger MBs. Do you want to share a movie or video or song with someone but WhatsApp is not allowing sending anything larger than 16 MBs? This restriction has been eradicated in the Mod version, allowing you to send whatever you want. This function deserves to be praised by everyone because it assists you in saving time. 

Backing Up GBWhatsApp Information:

To protect the messages that are important to you, supporting proves to be beneficial. Along with protecting the texts, it provides your general peace of mind by ensuring that your conversations are private and protected. Hence, if you misplace your phone and seek to recover your WhatsApp data, you may simply do so with the help of apk by following the steps outlined below.

Backing Up

1st Step:

In the first step, you need to do three things;

  1. Open your apk file.
  2. Search for “settings” there and tap on it.
  3. There you will see the option of “chat backup,” click on that.

2nd Step:

Now, click on the "Back Up" option available there. This will permit you to preserve a copy of your WhatsApp conversations and other material.

So, even if you lose your material, no need to be panic because these features are specifically built to help you in a variety of ways.

Final Verdict

o many advanced services? The GB version is almost the same as the original version. The only variation is former has outstanding characteristics. You might have noticed the inviting and enticing features of this platform throughout this article GBWhatsapp Pro APK. Such include additional privacy options, styles, status settings, and many more.

If you are eager to use this app and start socializing, what are you looking for? Click on the download button to have direct access to it. And, unlike other apps, you do not need to discard the previous version to obtain the modified version. You may have both in a single phone. Its growing user base all around the world attests to its dependability. Users are pleased, and we are confident that you will be too.

If you want more updates of this MOD, then you should keep visiting this website!

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Countless people have downloaded this too and are using it. So, there are several queries to them that they want to want to be answered. For this, we will serve them with the answers to their concerns. 

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How To Update The GBWhatsApp Apk?

The procedure of updating this is not complicated or time-consuming. You must go to the website and keep on checking. Whenever a new update is available, download the apk file of that version and click the install button after opening this apk file. It will update your tool automatically. Furthermore, if you try to do this from the play store, it would lead to a waste of time.

Is There Any Risk To Our Device's Protection When We Download It?

We have the assurance of its safety and security. Before releasing any legitimate program, developers must ensure that it does not cause any device harm. This application was created with your device's safety in mind. As a result, we can confidently recommend its installation.

Is It Possible To Operate Several Accounts In The GBWhatsapp APK?

Multi-accounting is possible. You can have more than one account at least up to four. Within a single device, you might have access to both the Official App and GB variation. However, you'll require distinct contact info for each app. This is because if you join up later using your official Login, your official account will instantly deactivate. If you already operate the official version on your smartphone, you'll require to have a secondary contact number to create another account.

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